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At Orthodontics Perth you actually see an orthodontist. An Australian registered orthodontist performs all consultations, assessments and treatments. Unlike other clinics, we are orthodontists and we don't  have staff performing duties of care, we believe that our patients deserve the highest level of quality and a honest attitude. Being a small but  highly trained team, you will see the same staff members every appointment.

We are in this together until you finish. All our patients in active treatment can contact us via email anytime and in case of an emergency we will reach out to them no matter if it's late at night, on weekends or public holiday. We understand that an orthodontic treatment is a commitment and we ensure you're looked after.

The 3 practices are  conveniently located with parking opportunities: inside the Eric Street Shopping Centre in Cottesloe close to the Grant Street Train Station;  in Denmark inside the Palm Court in Strickland Street, the heart of the shopping area and in Bridgetown within the practice of Bridgetown Dental, opposite the BP petrol station, with own parking.

We have many years
of dental and orthodontic experience and we cover all ages by treating children, teens and adults.

We will only perform treatment if the time is right, if treatment if needed and beneficial to the patient.

All patients not requiring treatment after the initial consultation are reviewed and monitored, ensuring they are getting peace of mind.

For orthodontic treatment we use:

- Discreet white ceramic braces and metal braces

- Clear Spark or Invisalign aligners

- Removable plates and fixed functional appliances

- Jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery) in combination with orthodontic treatment

- TADs (temporary anchorage devices)

- Remote monitoring of aligners treatment with the Dental Monitoring app

Spark or Invisalign aligners can be similarly effective to braces at straightening teeth,  if you're suitable for aligners, they  can be a good alternative to braces. 

With the remote dental monitoring app we can monitor your aligner’s treatment remotely. This is an option for patients who live far away from our locations, or like FIFO workers and children in boarding schools, travellers, people going temporarily overseas. This patients not requiring treatment after the initial consultation are reviewed and monitored, ensuring they are getting peace of mind

Malfunctioning bites and crooked teeth are often genetic; if one of your children needs treatment, their siblings will likely need it too. It is recommended to have a first orthodontic assessment between 7-8 years of age. There are many benefits of an early treatment, such as simplify, shorten and minimise time and expense of a regular treatment later in the permanent dentition.

What our Patients say


I recently completed my aligner treatment with Dr Christoph. I could not be happier with the results. The whole journey was so smooth from the pre examination to the aligner process to then the post aligner care. Highly recommended! 


My daughter had her braces taken off today and we could not be happier with the results. We both love the team at  Orthodontics Perth and would highly recommend them. They are always friendly, approachable and accommodating. Thank you


I called  Orthodontics Perth for a second opinion for my son and received a very professional and amazing service from Dr Christoph and the team.
We are at the beginning of the treatment but would like to strongly recommend them to our friends and anyone who needs an orthodontic treatment.

*real reviews but names changed for privacy reasons

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